Who are we?

UTO TECHNOLOGY Joint Stock Company was founded on February 22nd, 2020, based in Da Nang city, Vietnam. We develop technological solutions for customers to achieve great experiences while travelling and managing tourism.
In the era of Digital Technology with Big Data, we set our compass toward products that meet the needs of travel and tourism management in a simple, easy and economical way, serving individuals and businesses with the best experience.
With the slogan “Take Uto Mars”, UTO Tech's enthusiastic members possess the spirit of improvement, creativity, continuously innovate technology to develop Global Solutions to Tourism Problems.

Mission - Vision - Core Values


Innovation and development of technological solutions to achieve the best travel experience for our users:
Simplicity in Design, Intuitive User Experience, and Economical Quality Consciousness.


Become the most valuable Technology Company in Vietnam, be one of the leading technology companies in the world,
valued at least 1 billion USD by the year 2030.

Core Values

  1. 1. Creativity: UTO Tech always upholds the spirit of creativity, thinking constantly to create new solutions in all aspects: Management, Technology, Customer Care.
  1. 2. Differentiation: UTO Tech is always open to different perspectives that make a valuable difference.
  2. 3. Discipline: is the commitment, adherence to the principles, and goals of the company to develop a unified and effective organization.
  3. 4. Integrity: At UTO Tech, we are consistent in our thoughts, words, and actions toward our employees, customers, and partners.
  4. 5. Responsibility: We respect agreements between employees, partners, customers; empathize the situation to fulfill the commitment with maximum effort; willing to admit mistakes and correct through sincere actions.
  5. 6. Continuous improvement: Every great achievement stems from the accumulation of small changes each day, we always strive toward perfection, through the continuous development of products, operations, services.
  6. 7. Nothing is impossible: We have always believed that most fantastic things can become reality with focused effort to solve problems with every method and resource we can find.


jGooooo Platform -
Just gooooo with us

jGooooo is a Global Search, Social, and Support Travel Platform built and developed by UTO Tech's Development Team based on the idea of solving common tourism problems. The platform is optimized comprehensively to achieve the best experiences in every Travel-related aspects.
Uto Tech JSC
Uto Tech JSC

Founding team

Uto Tech JSC
Co-FounderPham Hoang Anh Tuan
Uto Tech JSC
Founder/CEODuong Xuan Phi
Uto Tech JSC
Co-FounderLe Ngoc Nam
UTO Tech JSC was founded by passionate, resilient members who always improve themselves with the goal of outreaching to the big world, achieving big dreams.
Uto Tech JSC

Advisory Team

The Uto Tech JSC advisory board consists of highly influential figures who believe in the common principle of building Great Big Things. They wholeheartedly support the burning desire of building a world-class product, widely promoting Vietnamese profiles and turning the impossible into reality. As Uto Tech JSC’s members commit to great causes and build extraordinary things, talents around the world have been attracted to and joined us in the great journey. The board currently consists of five members, including three Americans and two Vietnamese, all of whom have long been pursuing their distinguished career from 15 to 30 years, substantially contributing to organizations where they work and holding important positions in many companies, corporations and international organizations. Currently, they share the common goal of turning Uto Tech into the leading technology company in Vietnam, etching the name of Vietnam onto the world’s technology map.